IMPORTANT** Ordering instructions


Once you have selected your option (see table on the right), please select frame option.

  • If you have selected 'Mug Only', Please select 'Mug only' from the options list.
  • Please ACCURATELY enter the respective image number for the portrait of your choice. Zoom function enables closer viewing. Hover over image with your cursor to zoom in.
  • (please choose only ONE image number).


  • Once you have added to your cart, you may clear your selection (hover and click the 'X' that appears or head on back to the gallery for any additional orders and simply add to the cart again.


  • Payment is made via EFT (within 24hrs of placing your order) and you will be sent an automated email containing these details upon completing your order. PLEASE TAKE NOTE YOUR ORDER NUMBER.


Please kindly note: Delivery is subject to payment and you will still be held liable for payment after 24hours with non-payment, unless cancelled within 24 hours of placing your order. Collection services are employed and outstanding accounts handed over for debt collection if orders are unpaid by 1 working day after the cut-off date as all orders are put into production and pre-paid to our suppliers, 24 hours after the order is placed.


STEP 1-Select your Product
STEP 2 - Select product option

Print Only 

2 x 20cm x 20cm Individual DUPLICATE portraits



Print Only_Combo

1 x 20cm x 20cm Individual portrait

4 x 10cm x 10cm mini prints including adhesive magnets



Double Framed product Option

2 x 20x20 prints in Wall Mounted or Freestanding frame



Mug + 20 x 20 Frame Combo

Coffee Mug + 1 x framed print inside Wall Mounted or Freestanding frame (second duplicate print is print only)



Mug Only (Portrait image + School Logo)



Keyring & Print combo

2 x Bespoke wooden printed Keyrings + 2 Duplicate 20 x 20 prints



DELUXE Package (All in one)

2 x Framed duplicates, 1 x Coffee Mug, 2 x Premium wooden printed keyrings, 4 x magnetised mini prints PLUS digital copy sent upon proof of payment (**regrettably only available with this package and not as stand alone product.)