Celebrity Square Individual portraits + Group Panoramic shots

**Please include student Name, Surname, Grade and Tutor group name when ordering your packages.
**Individual portraits are available for all students who appear in the tutor photograph.

11 Eikenrust Girls TUTOR GROUP

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  • Small Group Panoramic (420 x 148 mm) - EITHER Print only OR print + Plexi mount

    Large Group Panoramic (590 x 210 mm) - EITHER Print only OR print + Plexi mount

    Brag Book PRINT ONLY (420 mm x 105 mm) - Print to fit into your A4 brag book.

    Celebrity Squares Portraits (200 x 200 mm) - Print + 1.5mm Plexi Mount


  • Please note: The specs above for brag book prints are incorrect. Our humblest apologies. 

    The size of the brag book print is 297mm x 105mm, not 420 x 105mm. This print fits snug into the LONG length of your A4 file/brag book.